Oil Burner Ceramic Sandy Fancy


Fragrance Oil burner is the perfect medium to spread the beautiful and relaxing scent of Fragrance oils in your homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, dispensaries, gyms and other living and working spaces. Fragrance oil burning is an ancient traditional method of spreading aroma around the house.


Susegad Fragrance Diffuser pack contains a high quality, exotic Burner with space under it for lighting tealight candles. The set also includes a complimentary Lavender fragrance oil bottle and 3 tealight candles. The accompanying Susegad Fragrance oil is specially blended to relieve stress and anxiety, uplift mood and facilitate wellness through Fragrance Therapy.

Directions for use: Directions for use: Fill up half the bowl(top of the “Fragrance Vapourizer Jar”) with water. Add 4-5 drops of Fragrance oil to the water. Place the tealight in the space provided at the base of the Vapourizer Jar and light up. On heating, the fragrance spreads in 15 minutes. Once the bowl becomes empty, extinguish the tealight. Above recommendations are for a standard 10 ft X 10 ft room. For bigger rooms, use higher concentration of Fragrance oil as per preference.

About our brand: Susegad is a concept associated with our beloved State of Goa. Derived from the Portuguese word SOSSEGADO meaning ‘QUIET’, Susegad is the Relaxed and Contended attitude towards life, which believes in enjoying life to the fullest and results in relieving stress and achieving Wellness. It is the feeling you experience when you visit our idyllic Goa. Our SUSEGAD range of Fragrance Products, encourages the fragrant blending of your lifestyle with the traditional Goan way of SUSEGAD living, relieving stress. The blissful scent of Susegad Fragrances simultaneously stimulates and relaxes the mind and body, soothing and calming the spirit, while energising the soul and balancing all emotions. The ultimate goal is to achieve Wellness and make people Stress free, relaxed and happy.